13 Jul 23

Our Story - Why I Started Roux

Our Story - Why I Started Roux

Hey! My name is Spencer, the founder of Roux. I wanted to able able to use this blog post to introduce myself and to provide a little background into why I have such a passion for pets and why I have poured everything that I have into this brand over the past three years.

That photo above is me with my dog, Roux (pronounced “Roo”). From the day I brought her home, she’s made my life better. She’s seen my highest highs and my lowest lows. She’s is my best friend and my closest confidant. She’s also my inspiration. Here’s why…

When Roux was just a puppy, she slipped her collar to play with another dog she saw across the street while we were on a walk. It all happened so fast, and  I couldn’t stop what was about to happen next. I just remember seeing the car coming, hearing the brakes screeching and her yelping. It’s a sound that you can’t un-hear.

Her being able to make it out of that crash alive was the biggest blessing in my life to date. After a week at the pet hospital, she was able to come home. I quickly learned that her road to recovery wasn’t going to be an easy one. She was able to heal physically but I started to notice that she was more lethargic and depressed.

Restoring her happiness and vitality became my primary focus. I started researching what I could do to help her and started learning how she might benefit from supplements. I started ordering anything I thought might help her, with no results. There was clearly a lack of quality options that contained clinically validated ingredients at an affordable price.

From here, I did what any entrepreneurial pet lover would do. I decided to create my own solution. After three years of hard work, I’m so proud to be able to introduce you to the brand that I’ve poured all my heart into, Roux. Named after my baby and the inspiration for my brand.

When I was researching supplements that would not only help Roux after the accident but that would also give her a healthier and longer life, two things kept coming up. The importance of probiotics and omega-3s for dogs.

Probiotics are crucial for balancing the gut microbiome of your dogs with healthy bacteria. A healthy gut microbiome for your dog means improved digestive health, enhanced immune function, alleviated allergies, improved dental health and even stress and anxiety management.

Omega-3 fatty acids provide several critical advantages for your dog's overall health. Omega-3s promote a healthy coat for your dog, they support overall joint health, promote cognitive function, improve and maintain eye health, help healthy immune function and support cardiovascular health.

The most surprising part for me was that there was no supplement on the market that combined the power of probiotics with the power of omega-3s. In order for me to supplement Roux with both of them, I would have to use two separate products and spend anywhere from $70 to $110 dollars a month. I decided that this would be the perfect first product for Roux to launch with.

After three years of formulating the perfect product we are now proud to launch our Probiotic and Skin Health Chews that contain probiotics, omega-3s and other vitamins essential to your best friend's continued health.

Oh, and remember what I said about Roux getting out of her collar? Well, I also designed a collar and leash set that is secure, comfortable and stylish.

I’m happy to report that this supplement has not only helped Roux regain her vitality and health, but have now helped hundreds of other dogs too! I couldn’t think of a better mission in life than to help people be able to spend more time with their best friends.

Thank you for reading this far and, if you are a customer, thank you for trusting me with the health of your best friend.