Our Story

Hi, I'm Spencer and this is my baby Rhodesian Ridgeback, Roux. The story of how we embarked on creating this brand dates back to 2018. In 2018, Roux got off of her leash and ran into the street where she was hit by a car.

Luckily, Roux was only clipped by the car and we were able to rush her to the vet where she underwent blood tests. an MRI, X-Ray and more. We were so relieved when we learned there was no major internal issues that she had.

When I first brought her home, Roux was struggling to get back to her normal self. I did the only thing I knew to do and started to research ways to help her heal quickly. All my research pointed towards supplements. After extensive research, I learned that finding quality supplements that worked proved difficult and expensive. Although the process in finding these supplements was extremely hard. I quickly learned how amazingly effective the were. Once I got Roux on a regimen. her health improved and she was like her old self again in no time.


Krill Oil - 50mg

Vitamin C- 40mg

Probiotic Blend - 2B cfu

Vitamin E- 10 IU

Since 2018, it has become my mission to create a brand focused on making sure that our furry loved ones live long and vibrant lives through a line of high quality, affordable canine supplements. It's also my promise to take profits that we make to help local dog charities direcly to act as a voice for the voiceless. You can see all of the dogs that we have helped directly on our charities page.

Thank you for joining me in this mission. Together, we can make a difference.

Xoxo Spencer and Roux


Your Purchase makes a Difference

Together, we are helping pets who aren't able to help themselves. We take money from your purchase to partner with local charities and help pets in need.

Our charities are carefully selected so that our donation makes the biggest difference that we can for the pets that need it most like Kahn.

Kahn was rescued with awful lacerations from an embedded choke collar he had clearly been wearing for way too long. Kahn had the wounds around his neck clipped and cleaned and has weekly hydrotherapy sessions as a routine part of his healing process. Thanks to our community, we were able to cover all of his medical bills!

To read more about what your purchase has helped and to see more stories like Kahn’s, follow the link below.