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Don’t really know yet haven’t seen any difference as of now

Taste awful

My dog loves these and they have completely changed her quality of life!

Like a whole new dog!

Where did my dog go? And who is this puppy?

Big Difference

We have seen a big change in our older golden doodle since starting Try Roux. She has lots more energy and seems happier. We have a younger Bernadoodle who she tolerated before, but now she instigates playtime. Her allergies also seem improved. I definitely recommend Try Rou

Big Difference

We have seen a big change in our older golden doodle since starting Try Roux. She has lots more energy and seems happier. We have a younger Bernadoodle who she tolerated before, but now she instigates playtime. Her allergies also seem improved. I definitely recommend Try Roux!

Really works!

As my dog entered his old age, he started experiencing sudden bouts of diarrhea. Despite trying medication prescribed by the vet, his digestive issues persisted for weeks. However, once I started using this product, his condition cleared up quickly. It has been a fantastic solution for maintaining a healthy digestive system for him!

Rope Leash
Savannah R.
So happy with this purchase!

This leash is very sturdy, and my dogs have already received compliments on how nice the colors are. No need to look any further!

So far, so good

My dog has been experiencing intense itching, especially due to his winter coat shedding in clumps. Despite trying various remedies like haircuts and different shampoos, nothing seemed to provide relief until I found these chewable treats. I highly recommend giving them a try, as they have been incredibly effective in alleviating my dog's itching.

Super stylish

We have found this collar to be an excellent choice for our dog. She enjoys playing in water and dirt, and this collar is virtually immune to stains and odors. Even when it does get dirty, a quick scrub with an old toothbrush is all it takes to get it looking clean again. For larger dogs that pull, I suggest using a harness during walks. However, this collar is ideal for holding ID tags, air tags, and other charms, making it a lovely decorative option.

Itchy Ears, No More!

Two months after Dahlia started taking her Roux chews, we noticed she stopped biting, chewing licking of the paws, shaking of the head, and almost all of her yeast issues were gone. I feel like the key was staying consistent. We didn't start to see the big results until after two months of contiuous daily use. This has been a life saver!

Signature Collar
Reagan M.
Really sturdy!

Belle, our Jack Russell mix, has a tendency to destroy every collar she's had within just a few days or weeks. However, since she enjoys being outside, I was uncomfortable with the thought of her not having a tag on at all times. We've gone through numerous collars until we stumbled upon this one. To my surprise, it's been a year and a half, and it still looks fantastic! Additionally, cleaning it is a breeze. We couldn't be more thrilled with it!

Signature Collar
Justin H.

It's sturdy enough to be reliable during hunting

Fixed My Baby's Tummy Issues

I own a schnauzer, a breed known for their susceptibility to gut health and tummy issues. Dealing with my dog's upset stomach, loss of appetite, frequent vomiting, and constant grazing on grass was a daily challenge. After researching the best probiotics for dogs, I decided to try a brand that contained the highest number of beneficial bacteria strains for pups. I started with just one pack to test it out, but the results were astounding. My dog's gut health improved significantly, so I switched to a monthly subscription. These probiotic chews have truly worked wonders! I give my dog one chew daily, but increase the dosage to two if I notice his stomach acting up, usually from ingesting plants or grass during play dates or walks. The chews always do the trick, and my pup is back to normal in no time. I am extremely satisfied with the results and plan to continue giving these chews to my dog to support his gut health for the rest of his life!

Noticeable Health Improvement

I have a pug and a white lab with a history of skin issues and excessive licking. I purchased this product with the hope that it would alleviate their discomfort. I have noticed remarkable improvements in my pug's appearance. His coat is now thick, soft, and incredibly healthy-looking, and his eyes are clear, moist, and shiny. It's truly remarkable! Additionally, I recently adopted a rescue puppy mill poodle who had severe matting all over her body. After shaving her down to start fresh, her fur is growing in beautifully, and her eyes are also noticeably clear and bright. Her nose is also moist, which is a positive sign of her overall health. It's so amazing to see these supplements helping their overall well-being.

Signature Collar
Hannah C.
Simple. Our adventure set!

Love the simplicity and the blue color! Will be perfect for camping- our pup kind of looks like a coyote- we definitely dont want her to be mistaken for one!

Buy it! You wont regret it for your fur babies

These probiotics have been a game-changer. My dog was struggling with excessive gas and diarrhea, and despite numerous vet visits and trying various remedies, I felt helpless. I was constantly searching for solutions to reduce his discomfort and bloating. However, since I started giving him these probiotics, he has undergone a complete transformation! There's no more gas, no more diarrhea, and no more bloating. I'm overjoyed to see my doggy healthy and happy again, and I've also been able to transition him to a healthier diet. The positive effects were noticeable within just a few weeks, and the major change happened in about a month and a half. I either give it to him as a treat or mix it with his food, and it's become a daily routine. I'm definitely going to keep restocking these probiotics because they have truly made a difference in my dog's well-being. It's been worth every penny and I highly recommend them!

Perfect for dogs with digestion issues

My dog has a sensitive stomach and tends to experience diarrhea, especially when he sneaks a bite of human food. To address this issue, I started adding this product to his dinner every night, and the results have been remarkable. His diarrhea has improved significantly, and I've noticed more regular and healthier bowel movements.

Super effective

Love the small heart sized treats, been using it for weeks and I'm really starting to see the difference

I guess it's time to subscribe

I purchased this product for my dog due to his persistent issue with yeast infections in his paws that emit a corn chip odor. Although it hasn't completely resolved the problem as I had hoped, I have noticed a noticeable reduction in the odor after using it for about a week and a half. I plan to continue using it and monitoring the results. Fingers crossed for some continued improvement!

Good collar for a good price

It is fantastic to have a collar that didn't retain odor or moisture, which made it easier to maintain.

Great product, cute branding!

Love the branding and the product! Finally a good probiotic that is also a multivitamin!

Two birds, one stone!

I was spending $70/mo on a probiotic and a multivitamin for my pup until I found Roux! Less than $30/mo for the same effect if not better! Thank you thank you

Roux Digestive Probiotic Soft Chews

I love feeding my two pups their Roux chews. It appears that these chews have significantly improved their digestive system, resulting in better overall gastrointestinal health. I plan to continue using them.