Like many of the animals that come to our rescue, Emma’s background remains one big question mark. And although we will likely never know what her history has looked like, sometimes, you don’t even need this to understand the neglect, abuse, and trauma an animal has endured. 

Sweet Emma was found abandoned and all alone at a gas station next to a busy highway. She was frightened and fearful for her life not only because of the unknown and the loud cars zooming by but also because she was battling an excruciating injury and was unable to even walk comfortably or properly. 

After laying eyes on this defeated and helpless little girl, we didn’t even have time to think. We immediately brought her home with us so that she could embark on her journey for a second chance at life. After settling in her foster home, we brought Emma to the vet where pelvic radiographs revealed that her limp resulted from prominent hip dysplasia from a previous injury. Emma received NSAIDS for pain management as the next plan in action is her potential double FHO due to her congenital hip dysplasia. 

With help from donations, Emma has been able to have her FHO procedure, she was given the time to heal in a foster home and has been adopted!